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Web Package

Include this Package with

package web;

[i] This package includes 2 functions and 3 Classes.


The first of the tree Classes, is the WebRequest Class.
It's Constructor only takes one Argument, that being a string setting the Request type. Valid Types are: "POST" and "GET". (There might be more in the future).

Creating a WebRequest, could look like this:

var req <- make WebRequest("POST");

If you are making a POST Request, you can now add your Form fields with the AddField function:

req->AddField("field0", "some data");
req -> AddField("creativeFieldName", "more data");

You are also able to add Headers to your Request:

req->AddHeader("name", "value");

To now send the Request, just call SendRequest. If you are making a GET Request, you can put your data into the URL now.


When run, this function will return a...


The only way of getting an HttpResponse, is by calling the SendRequest function inside the WebRequest class.

var response <- req -> SendRequest("");

HttpResponse has 4 Fields

response -> Headers //the response headers as stringArr
response -> StatusCode //the http status code of the response
response -> wasSuccessful //a bool saying if the Request was successful or not
response -> Content //the Content sent back from the server as a string

File Up- and Downloading over http

The web package allows you to Upload and Download files over http (and https)

File Uploading could look like this:

web::UploadFile("someURL", "/some/path/to/a/file");

File Downloading could look like this:

web::DownloadFile("", "/a/location/to/save/it/to");

Websocket Client

You can create a Websocket Client by just using its Constructor and passing in a URL.

var wsclient <- make WebSocketClient('ws://some.domain/');

To open the connection just call the Open() function:


To send a message over the Client just use its Send() function:


If you want to Receive data from the Client just call its Receive() function. (NOTE: this will pause the Thread until a message is received.)

var answer <- wsclient->Receive();

To close the Client you can call its Cancel() function at any time.