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String describes a string of characters.

You can store any kind of text in it.

Initializing a Variable as a string would look like this:

var someString <- "this is a string";


The string Datatype has 2 built in Functions:


GetLength() returns the String's length as an Int.

Substring(startindex int, length int)

Substring() makes a Subtring from the current String. It will start at the given starting index and go on for the given Length.

Split(splitter string)

Split() will Split the string at any points where the given splitter is at and return a String Array.

Replace(replaceThis string, withThis string)

Replace() will replace all instances of the given string with the replacement and returns a new String instead of altering the existing one.

At(index int)

At() will return the Character at the given position as a single character string.