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Setting up a project

The ReCT Compiler has built-in project support. They aren't necessary, but useful for bigger works and keeping them organized.

To make a new project, just open a terminal and type:

rctc create projectName

If you want it to create the project in a new directory just use the "-n" option:

rctc create projectName -n

And finally if you want rctc to generate some vscode task files as well just use the "-v" or "--vscode" option:

rctc create projectName -n --vscode

To run a project just use the "rctc run" command in the projects directory.

rctc run

Compiling without a Project

When coding in ReCT you sometimes dont want to use a project. In that case you can build your program the old fashioned way.
Call the rctc command followed by your source file and the "-s" and "-f" flags. The "-s" flag will auto-reference all standard Dotnet Assemblies, the "-f" flag will evaluate preprocessor statements like "#attach".

rctc ./sourcefile.rct -s -f

You can also set an output file. This is optional and by default it will just choose the source file's name with the ending ".dll".

rctc ./sourcefile.rct -s -f -o ./outputfile.dll

You can find more info on the Compilers help page when doing:

rctc -h