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Packages are .NET Assemblies that ReCT can read and use.
There are a lot of System Packages you can, use but it is also possible to make your own Packages in any .NET compatible language. (More about that Here)

Adding a Package

To add a Package to your Project, just use the 'package' statement
Adding a Package could look like this:

package sys;

Now that you have added a Package, you can access the things inside it by calling it's Namespace.
For example:

sys::Print("Hello World!");

'Use'-ing a Package

By 'Use'-ing a package you don't need to call it's Namespace when accessing it. You can use a Package by using the 'use' statement as shown below.

package sys; use sys;

Now when we go back to the example from earlier, we dont have to call it's namespace:

Print("Hello World!");

'Alias'-ing a Package

By aliasing a Package you are able to add another name for the same package. This is useful for packages with long inconvinient names. The reason you would do something like this instead of just "Use"-ing the package is to keep your project Organised.

As an example: a Package written by me with the slightly inconvinient name "DownloadPlusPlus"

package dll DownloadPlusPlus; alias DownloadPlusPlus dpp;

Now we can address the package by using our shortened name:

var dl <- make dpp::Downloader();