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Enums are a way of assigning meaning to Integers by giving them labels.
Heres an example for an Enum:

enum MyEnum

You can also specifically set the Value of the labels:

enum MyOtherEnum
  anEnumMember <- 100,
  anotherEnumMember <- 200

These 2 styles can also be mixed:

enum MyOthererEnum
  anEnumMember,               // 0
  anotherEnumMember,          // 1
  yetAnotherEnumMember <- 20, // 20
  evenAnothererEnumMember,    // 21

To access an enum value, simply use a normal Object Access


Just like Classes, Enums create their own Datatypes, meaning you can have an enum variable that stores an Enum state:

var MyEnum enumVar;
enumVar <- MyEnum->anEnumMember;