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Custom Packages

Custom Packages can be made in any .NET compatible Language.
The Important thing is that the Module, Namespace and Class names need to be the same and, probably should be the Package name. Also, the class needs to be public and static.
The Structure of a package would look something like this:

(NOTE: This is not C# code! This is just for visualizing the Structure things need to be in!)

module samplePackage
  namespace samplePackage
    public static class samplePackage
      //package code here

ReCT will read out Functions and Classes, as long as they are public (That also applies to functions and fields inside of classes), and ReCT will not read out Fields in the main Package class! If you want ReCT to be able to access them, you will need to use "{Get; Set}".

Adding a Custom Package

To add a Custom Package, just use the 'package dll' statement followed by the Package's name. (Not filename!)

package dll samplePackage;

The syntax for 'Use'-ing a Custom Package is the same as for a normal Package.